Design & Build

CCC offers complete custom design and build services. This option allows you to hire us, under a single contract, to design and construct the entire project. Implementing a client's entire building program using our turnkey approach is structured to minimize your risk. This integrated method combines the best practices of design and build to simplify the process and eliminate unnecessary elements. Under the design/build arrangement, design and construction can be overlapped, allowing construction contracts for some portions of the work to be awarded before complete construction documents are finalized. The design/build delivery method relies on a proactive, teaming approach to balance project scope, construction, cost and schedule which minimizes conflict and expedites delivery. It shortens the project schedule and in most cases, saves the client money and headache.

As the designer/builder, CCC is your single point of contact--from start to finish, instead of the traditional design/bid/build delivery method where the owner enters into separate agreements with the architects, designers, engineers and contractors. Clients who want to reduce their overall project delivery time, ensure schedule and cost parameters, control their risk, or need an early cost commitment are turning to this proven delivery system. Benefits of the design and build process include a single point of contact. With design/build, an owner has a single point of contact that helps minimize the owner's risk and responsibilities. The owner purchases a complete package of services, including design, construction and facility training. 

According to some estimates, delivery time can be reduced dramatically from inception to completion by using the design/build approach. The design/build team gives an owner guarantee of schedule and price. Savings accrue through a reduction in delivery time and matching owner budget to design and construction costs. On-site activities can begin earlier because of staged construction packages. Also, identification of early-purchased "long-lead" equipment is a major advantage in reducing overall delivery schedules. There is no need to advertise, evaluate bids and award construction, which further reduces schedule pressure and saves dollars. Innovative solutions with designers and contractors create a partnership to work together more creatively to solve design and construction problems. In addition, members are contractually teamed and typically have a greater incentive to develop the best solutions for the project.