How to deal with Flooding

With majority of South Louisiana under a flash flood warning until Sunday, it is important to remember these helpful tips if you experience flooding in your home.

It is important that immediate action is taken to prevent further and more serious damages to your home. 

  1. Keep in mind, significant mold growth can begin growing within 48 to 72 hours, if not mitigated correctly. You need to contact a mold remediation specialist, like CCC, to prevent further damages to your home from water or mold.
  2. If you get serious amounts of water inside your home, hire a professional, like CCC, to properly demo, dry out and treat the affected areas immediately.
  3. If structural damage, electrical damage or flooding is present, avoid turning the power on at your home until an inspection is conducted.
  4. All areas affected by the flood waters will need to be disinfected and treated, including walls, wood flooring and carpets. 
  5. Contact a disaster recovery specialist, like CCC, to tarp leaking roofs to prevent further damage to your home.  
  6. Always use caution when dealing with rising waters, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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