Helpful Tips for Filing Flood Claims

Whether you are filing a claim with your insurance company or submitting an online form to receive assistance from FEMA, remember these tips.

Documentation and images are critical to all claims. Remember before you touch anything make sure you take pictures. It is recommended that your pictures include time and date stamps. You can download apps from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Make sure you take pictures of your street sign and your numerical address. 

Take pictures of the water lines on all four sides of your home. Get pictures of all the damages. 

When you tear up flooring make sure to take pictures of what you had previously to receive a comparable price to replace the flooring. 

When tearing up carpet put the carpet in a pile with a person standing beside it for reference. 

If you make a video - do not talk in it. 

Leave a small amount of sheet rock up to show the water line inside the house. 

Make sure you make copies of all documents sent involving your claim. 

It is important to make sure you document every step of the process. This process will be extensive and will take some time. With over 42 years of combined experiences our teams have the ability and knowledge to navigate and help you through the insurance claim process. We help coordinate with both your insurance carrier and mortgage company, making a stressful situation a little easier.