Our Company

Founded in 2001, Complete Construction Contractors is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is one of the leading residential and commercial general contractors. Licensed, insured and operating in the Gulf South States, CCC specializes in Custom Homes, New Construction, Residential & Commercial Additions & Renovations, Commercial Build-Outs and Disaster Recovery. 

In striving to exceed our clients’ expectations, we have established a reputation of outstanding craftsmanship and integrity. Built on a foundation of reliability and timely execution and equipped with an expandable fleet, we are able to mobilize and perform projects of any size at just a moment’s notice. We proudly stand behind our motto... "Complete Quality from Foundation to Roof".   

It’s not just about the sticks and bricks at Complete Construction Contractors, but about making an impact on the world we live in. Our heart is to give back and we believe everything we do has a greater purpose. When you partner with us, you help support several local, national and international organizations who are making a difference in the world we live in today. 

As a company we value our employees, value each other, and want to make sure we all feel appreciated, included, and empowered.


Matt Morris // President & CEO

As the firm’s founder, Matt Morris sets the standard of excellence that continues to guide all CCC practices. He leads the company’s strategic growth and guides the overall direction of the company, while maintaining a healthy work environment for his employees. His primary role is meeting with clients and partnering professionals to establish the best and most efficient way to move forward. Matt was recently awarded the Hope Giver Award in 2016 from Children’s Cup for his heart for the community and worldwide. Matt's formal training was from Louisiana State University in Construction Management with a minor in Business and a minor in Technical Sales. Matt founded CCC in 2001 and has grown up loving and performing all aspects of construction in many arenas. He enjoys extreme sports such as snow skiing, skydiving and racing, going to LSU football games, hunting, traveling and most importantly, spending time with his family.

Ashley Morris // Director of Sales

Ashley Morris is Director of Sales at Complete Construction Contractors and attended Our Lady of Holy Cross College. She leads the sales department and is vital to day to day operations of the company.  Ashley's most important role is leading alongside her husband, Matt, to develop a vision and heart for both Complete Construction Contractors and its clients.  Previous to CCC, Ashley worked for 9 years in new construction sales for a major developer and builder.  In this role, she excelled and was awarded "Top Sales Producer" in her division.  Ashley's loving and compassionate personality brings support and encouragement to the entire team.  She is most passionate about spending time with her daughter, and her husband, Matt.

Lisa Oubre // Human Resources and Operations Manager

Lisa Oubre is the Human Resources and Operations Manager at Complete Construction Contractors. As Human Resources Manager, Lisa is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the CCC team by evaluating current employee relations and implementing the latest policies and programs to keep CCC on the cutting edge of staff development. Her goal is to recruit the best talent to maintain CCC’s high level of excellence in the company’s construction product. As Operations Manager, Lisa ensures that every department remains efficient in their communication and production enabling CCC to produce a high quality product as a reasonable cost to our customers. Prior to CCC, Lisa worked in the industrial sector, where she grew a staff of two-hundred employees to over three-thousand. In Lisa’s free time, she enjoys watching LSU football, baseball and spending time with her family. 

Olivia Barr // Executive Assistant

Olivia Barr is the Executive Assistant at Complete Construction Contractors. Olivia has resilient communication skills and a natural talent for cultivating relationships. She excels in event planning and organizational task management—and together with her attention to detail and ability to multi-task, these skills momentously equip her to assist our President & CEO, Matt. Prior to joining CCC, Olivia gained experience assisting all levels of management while pursuing her education at Louisiana State University in English with a focus in rhetoric, writing, and culture. When she’s not at work, Olivia enjoys spending time with her family, going to LSU football games, and getting as close to the beach as she can. 


Sherri Walsh // Senior Accountant

Sherri Walsh is the Senior Accountant at Complete Construction Contractors. As Senior Accountant, Sherri facilitates and performs construction accounting duties with clients, suppliers and subcontractors associated with CCC. She is also responsible for the development of practices and procedures necessary to maintain and uphold accounting principles and company values. Sherri has over 15 years of construction accounting knowledge and experience making her a priceless asset to the CCC team! Sherri loves the LSU Tigers and all things SEC. She also enjoys cooking, reading and occasional trips to the beach!


Nicole Brister // Internal Systems & Brand Development Manager

Nicole Brister is the Internal Systems & Brand Development Manager at Complete Construction Contractors. Her highest priority in this role is the cultivation of CCC’s internal systems and processes as well as ensuring all CCC staff members are acclimated and trained accordingly. Nicole plays an integral part in the success and development of all employees at CCC. She also manages all branding and marketing ventures of CCC. With a degree in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University, five years of experience in internal management and a background in graphic design, Nicole is a multi-faceted talent that holds true to CCC’s standard of excellence. In her free time, Nicole enjoys volunteering on her church’s worship team and spending quality time with her family.  


Lee Hulin // Production Manager

Lee Hulin is a Production Manager at Complete Construction Contractors. Lee’s main role as Production Manager is to coordinate all activities related to CCC’s projects efficiently. Lee oversees our Estimating Department where he ensures all estimates are completed in a timely manner with the highest accuracy of information. Previous to CCC, Lee served as Director of Operations, for 8 years, for a telecommunications company and brings a wealth of knowledge as well as excellent planning and organizational skills. When he is not at work Lee enjoys the outdoors, spending time with family and building the kingdom of God. 

Daniel Poe // Production Manager

Daniel Poe is a Production Manager at Complete Construction Contractors. Daniel ensures projects are completed on time, on budget and with a high level of quality. As Production Manager, Daniel will establish relationships with subcontractors and ensure compliance with CCC policies and standards. Daniel oversees our Field Department ensuring that projects are running smoothly and efficiently. Daniel’s past experiences as a Project Manager has contributed to his exemplary work ethic and attention to detail allowing him to successfully manage and motivate his teams. He enjoys reading a good book when he is not at work and socializing with his friends.

Siedda Herbert // Lead Project Coordinator & Client Liaison

Siedda Herbert is Project Coordinator and Client Liaison at Complete Construction Contractors. She is responsible for creating and advancing seamless CCC client relationships through opportune and comprehensible advisement and communication of accurate information on a consistent basis. Siedda is a graduate of Louisiana State University, where she received her undergraduate degree in Sports Administration while competing on the women’s track team. Capturing an NCAA National Championship Title, three Southeastern Conference Championship Titles, several NCAA All-American Titles, and numerous SEC Academic Honor Roll awards illustrates and confirms that Siedda performs well under pressure and is dedicated to a team setting.  Siedda enjoys reading to enhance her knowledge, spending time with her friends and family, and attending LSU sporting events..

Cindy Urtuzuastegui  // Project Coordinator & Client Liaison

Cindy Urtuzuastegui is a Project Coordinator and Client Liaison at Complete Construction Contractors. Her main goal is to help facilitate the cultivation and maintenance of client relationships. As Project Coordinator, Cindy communicates with clients ensuring seamless processing from start to finish. Her determination and positivity allows Cindy to be an advocate for clients not only internally but also with outside or third party relationships. Cindy's previous experience as an administrative assistant in the medical field has equipped her with excellent customer services and an exemplary attention to detail. In her free time, Cindy enjoys photography, reading and watching movies with her husband.

Mark Brinegar // Field Superintendent

Mark Brinegar is Field Superintendent at Complete Construction Contractors. Mark ensures that construction on all CCC projects moves quick and efficiently. Mark’s attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of CCC policies and standards allows Mark to monitor project’s schedules, materials and subcontractors.  He has very strong organizational and communication skills as well as the ability to work well under pressure. Outside of work, Mark enjoys working out at the gym, learning new things through research, playing the guitar and spending time with family.

David Ditmore // Field Superintendent

 David Ditmore is a Field Superintendent at Complete Construction Contractors. David works closely with his field crews to drive production and ensure subcontractors adhere to CCC standards, policies and expectations of excellence. While previously owning his own flooring installation company, David has gained immense knowledge about the construction industry and how to manage projects effectively, making him an integral part of the CCC team. When he is not working, David enjoys hunting, fishing, cooking and spending time with his family. 

Kennedy Feigle // Administrative Assistant 

Kennedy Feigle is the Administrative Assistant at Complete Construction Contractors. She supports the internal office and managerial staff through a variety of tasks which include correspondence tracking, consultations, and project research. Kennedy is from Dallas, TX and is currently pursuing her Bachelor's in Psychology at LSU. She is an active member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority where she participates and plans numerous community outreaches. Her attention to detail, strong work ethic and positive attitude makes Kennedy an interval part of the CCC Team! Alongside her education and career, Kennedy enjoys spending time with family, attending concerts and traveling.