Renovations, Additions and Build-Outs

We offer a design-build option for those who are interested in renovations and remodels. Design/Build is a process by which an entire remodeling project - from the initial design concept to budgets, to permits, to regulations, to the actual construction and final walk through are organized and performed by a single entity, a single point of responsibility. We believe it offers many advantages, such as:


  • Professional designers and engineers
  • Cost control – designing to a budget
  • Single-point responsibility – no finger pointing
  • Interior design assistance (design and finishes)
  • Cost-competitive design / Time & materials philosophy
  • Harmony – a team with a history of working well together


Many office and retail buildings start out with tenant spaces consisting of little more than four walls and a door. The idea is that the spaces will be finished to meet the specific needs of each tenant. The process of finishing this raw space is known as the "build-out." 

Your construction team at Complete Construction Contractors works diligently to make sure all timelines and financial considerations are met. We do whatever it takes to accomplish all jobs in a timely manner. To minimize disruption to your corporate workforce, our construction teams often work on weekends. It is quite the accomplishment to see individuals come back to work after a weekend and be astonished by the work that has been achieved. 

Our role is to offer options to our clients - to educate them about the quality levels and associated prices that are available. We consider it an honor and pleasure to be able to accommodate our client's needs.